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Tuesday Inspiration: Live with Purpose

I attended my usual morning sit with the IMCW/CML community and our time concluded today with the poem "The Summer Day" by Mary Oliver. The poem was very fitting given that we just entered this magical season, but it also resonated with me for many reasons since it delves into the essence of life through the lens of nature. 

The speaker wonders about the creation of the world and then has a close, marvelous encounter with a grasshopper. This prompts the speaker to meditate on mortality, human beings' relationship with nature, and the preciousness of life.  The poem doesn’t try to define the meaning of life but rather pushes readers to think about what life means to them—to figure out their own life's purpose and then do their best to honor it as seen in the last line "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life."

The Summer Day” challenges people to live with passionate purpose—whatever that purpose may be. I hope you are lucky enough to wake up every day with the ability to do something that inspires you, that brings joy and purpose to your life. Pause and Prosper is doing that for me.

Consider taking a few moments today to journal about what truly inspires you and how you can infuse more purpose into your daily activities. It could be a simple exercise that sparks a profound shift in how you approach each day. 💭 ✨ 🪴

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