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Meet Anne

Certified Life Coach & Wellness Expert

My passion for health and wellness started over a decade ago. I discovered an appreciation for nature and found joy in movement outdoors. However, while walking became my sanctuary, I was simultaneously struggling with my quality and quantity of sleep and I suffered from insomnia for many years.

I've always loved food (who doesn't?!) and my sister, a registered dietitian, became instrumental in shaping my understanding and enthusiasm for wholesome ingredients. Shifting from penne vodka and french fries to nourishing meals like salmon and vegetables made my body feel cleaner. Later, I gave up alcohol, which has been another important part of my life story.

For years, I followed a conventional path—graduating from college and securing a job. I worked in roles that left me unfulfilled, thinking that I only needed the paycheck. Spoiler alert: Your interests and where you invest 40 hours a week do matter! After years in the corporate grind, I found myself unhappy, burnt out, and lost. This visibly impacted my health as stress manifested through various physical symptoms, disrupting my life.

This ignited a profound personal transformation characterized by a gradual yet significant shift towards prioritizing my own values, needs, and desires. This journey began with a couple of years of talk therapy, laying the foundation for self-love and self-discovery. Time spent in therapy unraveling my disconnect from my emotions, buried issues, and understanding my place in the world gave me a newfound perspective of how my past had molded and shaped who I am today. Admittedly, it revealed that I was not where or who I wanted to be.


Meditation scenery
Anne in front of water

I embraced the idea that humans are always growing and evolving. I realized I didn't have to stay tethered to an old version of myself just because it was familiar to others—or even to myself. Instead, I began connecting with my passions and committed to no longer feeling disconnected from my true self.

I utilized CBT-I techniques to tackle my sleep issues, complementing them with yoga, meditation, and breathwork as part of my wellness regimen. Additionally, I attended The Art of Living retreat center in Boone, NC, which proved pivotal in strengthening my conviction about the significant advantages of adopting gradual, positive lifestyle changes.


I was never a stranger to change, adaptation and adventure. I pivoted professionally multiple times, as well as physically, moving cross country to California and later to Virginia. I frequently traveled solo on trips around the world and fully embraced new and exciting experiences. 

My journey hasn't been straightforward; rather, it's been a mosaic of small steps and pieces that have beautifully led me to where I am now.

Today, I'm committed to partnering with others on their wellness journey, empowering them to make small yet impactful changes that enrich their lives. Whether it's cultivating self-love, boosting confidence, adding movement to your day, managing stress, or embracing more joy in daily routines, I'm here to support you in achieving holistic health and well-being.


IIN Certificate
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Holistic Health Certificate
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